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The CoronaVirus Spike Protein and It's Synthetic Counterpart

Meet the CoronaVirus "S" Protein which has plagued the planet with over 239 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 and with almost 5 million deaths. The "S" protein toppled the Trump 2020 Presidential Bid, shut down economies worldwide, caused anti-vaccination revolutions in countries with covid regulation crazy governments, left grandparents to die alone and vanquished childhood memories.

(Figure 1)


Coronavirus disease 2019 is a newly emerging infectious disease currently spreading across the world. It is caused by a novel coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The spike (S) protein of SARS-CoV-2, which plays a key role in the receptor recognition and cell membrane fusion process, is composed of two subunits, S1 and S2. The S1 subunit contains a receptor-binding domain that recognizes and binds to the host receptor angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, while the S2 subunit mediates viral cell membrane fusion by forming a six-helical bundle via the two-heptad repeat domain. In this review, we highlight recent research advance in the structure, function and development of antivirus drugs targeting the S protein.

Huang, Y., Yang, C., Xu, Xf. et al. Structural and functional properties of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein: potential antivirus drug development for COVID-19. Acta Pharmacol Sin41, 1141–1149 (2020). (Citation for figure 1 and abstract text)

Now that you're introduced to the SARS-CoV-2 S Protein and were given some examples of the havoc it wreaked on our planet, I'd like to introduce you to a good friend of the S Protein. In fact some might call it a twin of the S protein because it looks and acts awfully similar to its counterpart. I call it the "Genetically Engineered Synthetic Protein Corona(Virus)" for short.

(Figure 2)

(Picture A) We see a bald synthetic gold NanoParticle introduced into the bloodstream. Once in the blood stream protein rushes over to greet the Nanoparticle and they form a chemical bond called the NanoParticle - Protein Corona Complex (Picture B). Once the NP has a Protein Corona shell other biomolecules treat it as if it were any other protein as if it were wearing a biochemistry cloak. (Picture 3) The Synthetic Gold NanoParticle with a Protein Corona starts looking for a new host receptor to bind to acting as if it were a Spike Protein in the first image.

(Figure 3)

Above is a picture explaining the two different types of Corona coats the Gold NanoParticle receives after it interacts with the protein. The Soft Corona coat is weak with less binding time but more easily transmissible while the Hard Corona coat is stronger with longer binding time and a longer transmission time.

(Figure 4)

The NanoParticle can target selected cells depending on which type of ligand is on the receptor cell.

(Citation for Figures 2, 3, 4)

The impact of nanoparticle protein corona on cytotoxicity, immunotoxicity and target drug delivery Claudia Corbo, Roberto Molinaro, Alessandro Parodi, Naama E Toledano Furman, Francesco Salvatore & Ennio Tasciotti
Published Online:11 Dec 2015

Above is a scientific research article and graph showcasing scientists adding Avian Flu Virus Spike Proteins to Gold NanoParticles via the Protein Corona Membrane. Is this synthetic virus-like vaccine with Avian influenza spikes the actual CoronaVIrus that has been locking down our society?


The CoronaVirus Spike Protein and the "Genetically Engineered Synthetic Protein Corona(Virus)" look awfully similar if you ask me, but I'm not a bioscientist. The good thing is that this there is a whole staff at the Wuhan Lab, Fort Detrick Lab and the University of Texas Medical Branch that are very capable of answering questions. After all they're the ones in charge of our planets biomedical safety.

Pictured above is a document showcasing UTMB's and Fort Detrick's responsibilities regarding bio-labs and below that is some of the UTMB & Wuhan Staff at a CAS-NAS Workshop in China with a map of all the trainings around the world UTMB has completed from 2006 -2014.

We've got questions, WHO has the answers?

Andy Dybala

Neighborhood News Studio





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